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Sylvester Stallone has Trouble with the Expendables 4, Arnold Schwarzenegger Encourages Him to Continue!

While Sylvester Stallone has planned to continue the Expendables series in the past, it seems as though the movie could recently be in jeopardy. Sylvester Stallone is reportedly reassessing The Expendables after the lackluster performance of the third movie. He’s already come out and said that any more Expendables movies will be rated R and will show more violence than the previous movie.

The first two Expendables movies were rated R themselves, so many people who were fans of the first two movies, did not like the less violent nature of the third movie. Sylvester Stallone admitted that they tried to go for a wider audience with The Expendables 3, but it just didn’t work out. Co-star of The Expendables series, Arnold Schwarzenegger has reportedly tried to push Sylvester Stallone to continue with the project.

Schwarzenegger thinks that it’s a great story and a great idea to do an ensemble piece with so many action heroes in one movie. There’s nothing really like it that’s been done before. British action star Jason Statham also expressed his desire to act in another Expendables movie, saying that he spent a lot of time growing up watching Stallone act in movies, and found it a pleasure to finally be able to work with him when he was older.

He says that he’ll do as many movies as Stallone wants. Meanwhile, Sylvester Stallone himself has been doing some acting for Warburtons bakery, doing some Rambo-themed commercials. He’s been spotting repeating the phrase, “First Bread”, which is a play on words dealing with his first movie, Rambo: First Blood. The advertisement has proved to be popular so far, which is good news for Warburtons, as it certainly wasn’t cheap to have Stallone film the commercial. It’s been rumored that Stallone has more similar commercials lined up, as he hasn’t done many in the past.

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Two other action movie stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean Claude Van Damme, have both been seen making their own apprentices in action-movie themed commercials lately too. For now, many people are awaiting the first trailer for the next Expendables movies. They are hoping that if Sylvester Stallone shoots for an R-rating as promised, the movie will be as exciting as the first two. He’s already signed Manny Pacquiao on for the next movie, which many people are excited to see him on film for the first time.

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