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Teen Wolf Season 5 Won’t Have Tyler Hoechlin!

Although Teen Wolf season 5 won’t be a thing until this summer and has already started filming, we didn’t have all the information about the film. It appears that Tyler Hoechlin, who was Derek Hale in Teen Wolf, won’t be a series regular in Teen Wolf season 5. This comes as a bit of a surprise to many fans of the show.

The director of the series, Jeff Davis, said that Hoechlin came to him a few months ago to talk about his role on the show and talked to him about his experience shooting an indie baseball movie. Davis asked Hoechlin if he was ready to try out new things, and Hoechlin said he wasn’t sure. At this point, Davis went to talk to the network about his role on the show, and also decided to focus Teen Wolf season 5 more on the teenagers in the show. Tyler won’t be a series regular on the show, but that doesn’t mean he will stop showing up completely. He has been by the set to discuss possible storylines for his character in the future.

We also know that there will be a fan-made monster in the show for Teen Wolf season 5. The monster is named the Slaugh, and was the winner of the AT&T Teen Wolf creature contest. A Brooklyn-based art student, Jessica, designed the creature. Ardent Cho has also been on tour talking about the upcoming season. She said that she loves where everything is going on the show. Most of the characters have been growing up and experiencing new challenges.

Cho has said that this is the season where she feels that she’s not just the new kid anymore and really becoming a part of the pack. Davis wants this season of the show to contain a lot of action and a lot of horror. He says that Teen Wolf season 5 is about senior year and losing all of your friends after graduation.

Teen Wolf Spoilers

Davis recently spoke at a PaleyFest panel, where he talked to fans about the upcoming season. Someone asked him if Lydia would find love during the upcoming season and Davis told them that Lydia won’t end up with the person you think she would at first. Teen Wolf season 5 will premiere in June, but doesn’t have a specific release date yet.

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