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Terrorist Group Isis Discovered Via Google Maps?

Eliot Higgins – an expert in finding locations from photographs – claims via his website that he has found one of the strongholds of terrorist group Isis.

Using Google Maps and other maps services, he says he’s found the location where journalist James Foley may have been beheaded.

A new kind of investigator, Higgins rarely has to leave his home. Using photographs already made available by news organizations, terrorists themselves or other subject dependent sources, Higgins studies the details of the photos and then uses mapping services to pinpoint the exact or general locations.

The British techie famously exposed Syrian arms trafficking locations from his home in Leicester.

On the 23rd he published a new blog suggesting Mr. Foley – who was kidnapped during the early stages of the Syrian Civil War – was most likely murdered in the hills south of the Syrian city Raqqa.

“It appears to be a hilly area, with barely any plants or grass, and in the distance we can see a green plain below the hills,” writes Higgins. “The position of the shadows in the video suggests this was filmed in the morning, with the camera pointing northwards. Based on that it seems reasonable to search the hills to the south of Raqqa for a possible location.”

Google Maps London

He added: “It appears the video was filmed on an area of raised ground, with the edge of the raised area circled in red in the below image.”

Methodically analyzing every detail he posts a final screen cap of where he believes the tragic act took place.

Of course the time the killing took place and whether the videoed portion was staged or not is still being investigated.

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