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The Vampire Diaries Season 6: An End to the Super hit Franchise?

The American supernatural drama is set to premier its sixth season on October 2nd. The first episode of the season dubbed I’ll Remember takes off from the finale of the fifth season.

Amid the excitement of the new season, Ian Somerhalder has come forth with some not so good news for the Vampire Diaries fans. The star is predicting an end to the franchise. In a recent interview; Ian Somerhalder has announced an imminent end to the series.

This has come as a big shock especially considering the fact that the boss of The Vampire Diaries had declared not long back that the show plans for season six and seven are complete and dropped a hint about the season eight, nine and ten being in the pipeline. However, she insisted even at that time that essentially the show will go on only as long as the actors want it to go.

While it may seem that Julie is determined to take the show further, this may imply an end to Ian Somerhalder’s role in the play who has been playing the Damon since 2009.

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 News

Now the big question that remains is that whether the end Ian Somerhalder has been hinting about is the end to his role in the supernatural fiction or else defines an end to The Vampire Diaries franchise. The involvement of Somerhalder in charity and his plans for family indicate the former assumption might be more valid.

No matter which way things turn out to be, it is sure to leave many The Vampire Diaries fans heartbroken.

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