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Thiago Silva back in UFC, Ex Flees the Country

Thiago Silva is a UFC fighter who was coming under fire for having domestic abuse charges filed by his former wife Thaysa Silva. When the charges were filed, he was dropped by the UFC almost immediately.

Part of the reason for him getting kicked out of the UFC is that he was arrested for fighting his ex-wife’s boyfriend Pablo Popovich, who is a martial arts instructor himself. The situation became complicated, and the UFC dropped Thiago Silva in order to avoid some of the bad press.

Thaigo Silva was a high ranking UFC fighter, and UFC currently lists him as a light heavyweight. His domestic abuse charges were dropped, however, when his ex-wife fled the country. She is from Brazil and took a plane back there according to some reports. No one knows why she fled the country or where she is in Brazil. Because she was not able to report to the court, Thiago’s charges were dropped.

Thiago Silva UFC Images

After his charges had been dropped, Thiago was let back into the UFC, even after UFC President, Dana White, had said that Silva would never fight in the UFC again. It’s not the first time that he’s gone on record saying something and then going back on it. But, it makes sense given the situation.

Even though the light heavyweight division where Thiago Silva fights has a lot of competition, the UFC tries to make sure it has the best fighters that it can find. The UFC is one of a few MMA promotions in the world and tries to avoid PR nightmares like this one. Typically their fighters are well behaved and do not get into trouble, but it’s not the first time one of their fighters has gotten into trouble for domestic abuse issues.

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  • Jesse James

    I am pretty sure why she left! Her story had to be originally constructed with broken dreams, and duct tape. Knowing full well the consequences she would have faced for a false accusation, she decided to save her own skin. Considering how usual it is for women to get away with a FA, she must have really blown it. Good riddance.

    However, the feminist peanut gallery is sure to hang Thiago Silva in effigy, because they can never accept a man as being innocent after he is accused. Hell, even before, because male genitals.

    Cowards all of them, and purely hateful to spite their victims. I only wish the woman’s plane crashed as long as it was only her. I hate people who spin up people’s emotions just they can use the state to target their victim on their behalf. It truly calls real victims lives into question when the police, and prosecutors no longer believe someone based on being deceived so many times.

    If you are reading this Ms. Silva, burn in hell.


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