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Weather Temperature Linked To Kidney Stones Suggest Researchers

Particularly hot weather or cases of cold weather can contribute to the development of kidney stones, according to new research compiled by a team at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Researchers compared the temperatures of 5 large cities, with the development of kidney stones of people who live there. Over 64,000 cases (adults and children) were examined. What they discovered is that significant changes in temperature correlate to increased cases of kidney stones, in both cold and hot weather.

The research demonstrated that in the two weeks following increases in temperature above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, more cases of kidney stones were recorded. There was particularly large jump in the first 3 days of the heat wave.

The experts have suggested that because hot weather leads to dehydration, and dehydration can lead to the minerals that cause kidney stones developing in the urine … then hot weather is a factor.

Most interestingly however the rise in kidney stones was only observed in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Dallas. There was no significant change in LA.

Reduce Kidney Stones

It may be that because LA has more hot weather on average than the other cities, citizens are used to keeping themselves hydrated.

After significant drops in temperature, the risk of kidney stones rose for people living in Atlanta, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

This may be because when it’s cold people stay indoors and exercise less, which is a contributing factor in kidney stone development.

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