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Air Herald is headquartered in Dubai. Information of our Dubai office is available here. You can use the following contact information to reach our journalists. Before arranging any interview with the Air Herald team, please drop us a line.

Mostafa Pashazadeh
City: Isfahan
Email: Mostafa at
Category: Politics

Mehdi Khomein Abadi
City: Shiraz
Email: Mehdi at
Category: World in Frames

Arash Zakipour
City: Tehran
Email: Arash at
Category: Sports

Ashkan Khani
City: Tehran
Email: Ashkan at
Category: World in Frames

Mirshad Ghahremani
City: Ardabil
Email: Mirshad at
Category: Politics

Amir Heydari
City: Qom
Email: Amir at
Category: Economy

Rostam Tabatabaei
City: Mashhad
Email: Rostam at
Category: Sports

Shadi Shirpour
City: Tabriz
Email: Shadi at
Category: Politics

Ahmad Roshanzadeh
City: Sari
Email: Ahmad at
Category: Sports

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