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Honda City and Amaze Are Best Sellers In India!

The Honda City is one of the best selling cars in India and the number one selling model out of all of the Japanese automaker's vehicles in 2014, which also includes the Amaze - a cheaper and more fuel efficient choice. The latest Honda City has been on sale in the region since 2014 and in the 13 months since launch has moved just under 85,000 units. Analysts suggest this figure would be much greater, but p ...

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2015 Honda Civic Type R Becomes Fastest Hot Hatch On The Market: 167mph Recorded

The all new Honda Civic is redefining the Hot Hatch experience, by posting an impressive 167mph top speed in Honda's latest official testing. This potentially makes it the fastest commercial front-wheel drive hot hatch in history! How was this accomplished? The Japanese automaker says it's all down the vehicle's uber aerodynamic design and not necessarily its powertrain. The underside of the new Civic is ma ...

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New 2015 Ford Mondeo Commercial Drops In Europe: Specs and Features Overview!

The 2015 Ford Mondeo - known as the The Blue Oval - is featured in a new official commercial in the European market. In the clip a customer starts a test drive of the newly designed model at a dealership, but the vehicle is immediately stopped by a police motorcycle. The customer and salesman immediately start to panic but the officer, once off his bike, is not actually concerned with the two occupants, and ...

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2015 Honda Fit Wins More Awards, Rumored Honda City Could be Coming to the United States!

There is some reason to believe that we could see a new model of the 2015 Honda Fit coming soon. The main reason is that we have photos of a four-door version of the Honda Fit in California. Honda is already selling this version of the vehicle in other countries. But, in the United States, buyers can only purchase the hatchback version of the 2015 Honda Fit. The Honda Fit in question had a license plate num ...

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All New Nissan Maxima 4 Door Sports Sedan, Debuting At 2015 New York Auto Show, And More News!

The all new Nissan Maxima will be fully and officially unveiled at the 2015 New York International Auto Show, which takes place between April 1st and 12th, from Jacob Javits Convention Center. Until now we have only seen spy shots of the vehicle. The news first broke during the 2015 Super Bowl game, as Nissan took out one of the coveted commercial spots during the mega sporting event, which has millions and ...

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Who Is Behind Elio Motors and What’s The Hold Up

By now most locals in Shreveport, Louisiana, and car enthusiasts across the world have heard of Elio Motors and their quest to create an economical three wheeled vehicle. Boasting a yet to be rated 84 miles per gallon fuel economy, and a target sale price of just $6,800, it's clear to see why there is a lot of buzz about the unique looking orange buggy. But with funding setbacks and continual delays, people ...

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Bitcoin Mining: Inside The Chinese Mine That Creates $1.5 million of Bitcoin Per Month!

Bitcoin mining is a bizarre and confusing subject for those not immersed in the Bitcoin community, but a new report from VICE at least goes a way to showing us what a successful Bitcoin Mining operation looks like. For those unfamiliar, in order for the digital crypto-currency to enter circulation, instead of a central bank or government printing or borrowing it in to existence, BTC has to be "mined" by com ...

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2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Facing Several Recalls This Week Over Faulty Airbag Deployment!

Thousands of units of the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee and its 2014 predecessor, are being recalled by Fiat Chrysler due to an airbag malfunction risk. A bug in the SUV's software has the potential to deploy airbags when a crash has not occurred, which could result in injury or loss of steering control, leading to a real accident. Owners of the 230,000 effected models will be instructed to take their Cherokee t ...

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