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Donald Trump: Apple Commits to Build “Three Big Plants, Beautiful Plants” in the US

Donald Trump said that he has finally gotten the desired results and got Apple to build more products in the US

President Trump said that Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, called him and promised to build “three big plants, beautiful plants” in the US.

However, there are currently no details available on the subject. Apple declined to comment and did not respond to comment requests.

On the other hand, if Trump’s statement is correct, it would lead to a big investment on Apple’s end, while also a significant change of pace.

For the moment, Apple only produces Mac Pros on US territory, and hasn’t even committed to continue doing that either. It generally prefers to work with foreign suppliers; this way, it can source parts from companies and shield itself from risks.

For exactly this reason, it does not seem as Trump’s statement is correct. For example, Cook may have meant that Apple’s suppliers are building new plants in the US, and not Apple itself. Recently, Apple invested $200 million in Corning, iPhone cover glass supplier. This way, Apple aims to support the company’s manufacturing efforts. Corning is located in Kentucky.

At the same time, Foxconn, an important Apple supplier, is planning to build its first US factory.

If things are like this, it seems as Trump does not put effort and care into the difference between Apple building a plant, and Apple’s supplier doing that. As long as he can say that Apple is becoming more involved in US manufacturing, the difference does not seem to matter.

“I said you know, Tim, unless you start building your plants in this country, I won’t consider my administration an economic success,” Trump told the Journal. “He called me, and he said they are going forward.”

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