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Sony uploads entire movie on YouTube instead of trailer

‘Khali the Killer’ movie was accidentally uploaded in its entirety on YouTube before being taken down by the US distributor, Sony Pictures. About 11,000 people already saw it. The video was, indeed, labeled as a trailer for the latest Sony movie, ‘Khali the Killer’, but the one and biggest mistake of those who had the job to upload it on YouTube was that they hadn’t checked its length before making it avail ...

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Thai cave rescue: boys soccer team found alive after 10 days

Twelve boys and an adult (a soccer team and their coach) were found alive in a Thai cave after ten days of being trapped. However, in order to get out, they may need to learn to dive. The group had been missing for about ten days until some professional divers finally found them late on Monday, July 2nd. They were found on a small dry ledge, at about 4 km from the cave mouth and they were visibly weakened. ...

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Video: Police Dog Performs CPR on Officer

Poncho, a police dog from Spain performed CPR on a police officer as he pretended to collapse to see the dog’s reaction Worldwide, dogs are considered to be man’s best friend, and for good reasons. Not only that, but they are potentially lifesavers, too. A good example is Poncho, the dog who went viral on social media platforms as he performed CPR on a collapsed officer. The Municipal Police of Madrid decid ...

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Balcony boy’s family thank Mamoudou Gassama, the Malian “Spiderman”

A boy who was hanging from a balcony in the capital of France was saved by a Malian migrant after he climbed four floors with his bare hands. Now the family of the boy thank him. Monday, May 28th, was a terrible day for a family living in Paris who left their child home alone and went for shopping. The four-year-old boy somehow got to the balcony and was only seconds away from a tragic end were it not for M ...

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New threat for Hawaii residents after volcano eruption: laze

First, it was lava that destroyed anything in its path, then it was sulfur dioxide that polluted the air. Now, Hawaii residents are facing a new serious threat after Kilauea’s volcanic eruption – lava and haze combined. The Kilauea volcano erupted on May 3rd, but its deadly effects are far from being over. Dozens of houses were destroyed, numerous people died and even more were injured. Unfortunately, these ...

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Next level science: Lab-grown mini Neanderthal brains

Scientists are hoping to understand how modern and prehistoric biology differed from one another by creating ‘mini-brains’ in the lab using Neanderthal DNA. We can say that there are no limitations to what science and technology can do today. People are curious to find out everything about everything and considering that the subject they’re most fascinated with is the human brain. For this reason, they deci ...

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New identification technique involving sweat – crime suspects “at risk”

A new suspect identification technique is about to be used by police officers worldwide and help them identify a criminal in under one minute and it implies sweat. Crime suspects are "at risk". The fingerprints technique has been used for over a century by police officers in identifying crime suspects. Several years ago, the DNA was also taken into account in such situations. However, more often than not, t ...

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