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Disneyland’s Pixar Fest is the place to visit this summer

Disneyland Resort has recently opened the greatest celebration fest of all the characters from Pixar Animation Studios. The theme park can be visited until September 3, 2018. Probably one of the greatest news this spring is the announcement of the grand opening of Pixar Fest. The biggest theme park to celebrate the most beloved Pixar characters and lovable stories of one of the world’s renowned Animation St ...

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Catalyst T-Jack is Currently Available at Competitive Prices

As announced by the manufacturers, bodybuilders can now optimize their work in the gym with the latest Catalyst T-Jack, the clinically researched testosterone booster In order to help fitness enthusiasts boost their testosterone levels in a 100% natural way, producers of Catalyst T-Jack have just released a special batch of the natural product reshaping muscle mass and improving training sessions. To optimi ...

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Neuro Elite Natural Brain Pills Review – New Zealand Prices

New brain enhancement natural product, Neuro Elite, is now available for trial in New Zealand The manufacturer just announced that its product, Neuro Elite Premium Brain Supplement is now available for free trial, with clients only having to pay for order processing and shipping – New Zealand residents only. Neuro Elite has been naturally created to improve brain function, concentration and memory. As there ...

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Teen Claims 40 Men Raped Her – Thai Police Investigates

Thailand police are investigating a 14-year-old girls’ claim that 40 men raped her The victim is from Koh Raed, a small island in Thailand’s Phang Nga province. The girl first reported the sexual assaults in March, according to the province’s deputy governor Eggarat Leesen. The girl told authorities that between May and December of 2016, she was attacked more than just once. This lead the attorney general o ...

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Google Adds its Digital Assistant to Home Appliances

Google moves forwards with its attempt to place its digital assistant inside every consumer appliance possible The company announced that its voice-based chat service is now officially compatible with a range of home devices, which includes speakers and appliances such as refrigerators. After arriving on Google’s smartphone and speaker in 2016, the company hopes that it will become a vehicle for online comm ...

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New Study Shows That High Doses of Vitamin B Can Lead to Lung Cancer Risk

A recent study shows that men who took high doses of Vitamin B6 and B12 had a higher risk of lung cancer; association was highest among smokers The study discovered a 30% to 40% increased risk of lung cancer among men who take vitamin B from individual supplements, and not from multivitamins or diet alone. However, the effect seemed to come from current smokers who exceed the recommended daily amounts of vi ...

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US Discovers Breakthrough Gene Therapy for Childhood Leukemia

US health officials approved a breakthrough treatment that can genetically engineer patients’ own blood cells into an army that destroys childhood leukemia The FDA named this approval historic, the first gene therapy to hit the US market. The special thing about it is that it is made from scratch for every patient. Novartis Pharmaceuticals set the price for one-time infusion of the “CAR-T cells” at $475,000 ...

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