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Cuban Sonic Attack Raised Questions – A Weapon, or an Accident?

The sonic attack on US diplomats in Cuba is raising questions as it seems more extraordinary than reality could be The US thinks that the sophisticated devices that operated beyond the range of audible sound were used either inside or outside diplomats' residences in Havana. They injured at least 16 Americans. The attacks began in November and ended this spring. As a consequence, some were left with mild tr ...

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Paris Attack: Six Soldiers Injured After Being Struck by a Vehicle

Police is searching all over Paris for a BMW car whose driver rammed into a group of soldiers, seriously injuring six The driver sped and went straight through a group of soldiers who were outside a barracks, in a suburb northwest of Paris. The authorities are investigating the attack, which left six soldiers injured, while three other have been dangerously injured, according to Paris police. Fortunately, t ...

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