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Cuban Sonic Attack Raised Questions – A Weapon, or an Accident?

Cuban Sonic Attack Raised Questions – A Weapon, or an Accident?

The sonic attack on US diplomats in Cuba is raising questions as it seems more extraordinary than reality could be

The US thinks that the sophisticated devices that operated beyond the range of audible sound were used either inside or outside diplomats’ residences in Havana. They injured at least 16 Americans.

The attacks began in November and ended this spring. As a consequence, some were left with mild traumatic brain injury, while two might have permanently lost their hearing. More than that, the invisible assaults may continue against other targets, as Canadian diplomats and their family members reported similar symptoms in June.

On the other hand, experts suggest taking into consideration that the damage might have been caused by something else, and not by a weapon.

Even though a multi-agency investigation is underway, the information that is currently available to the public is largely anecdotal, and definitely not good for drawing any sort of conclusions. They point to factors that raise doubts, including the fact that sonic weapons don’t lead to consistent results.

At the same time, others point to the political circumstances, as the attacks happened at a time when the US and Cuba were working to improve the relations.

Of course, there are also other possibilities, which include environmental factors.

“Yes, some sort of badly working, nonlethal weapon could be the cause, but a) I doubt it, and b) I don’t see the evidence for it yet,” Weinberger said. “It’s certainly possible, but I think it’s too soon to jump to conclusions. You have to look across the board in some organized way what was being reported, what environmental causes could cause that.” Sharon Weinberger, a journalist, said


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