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Blind people could be able to ‘see’ due to Ford’s new smart windows

Feel the View is Ford’s latest technology that could come as a godsend to visually impaired passengers. It allows them to ‘see’ the view outside the window through their fingertips. Most people tend to neglect the amazing qualities that mother nature has been providing the human kind for thousands of years. Walking, smelling, touching, seeing and tasting, they all come naturally and most of us couldn’t imag ...

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$26bn is the cost to pay for the T-Mobile and Sprint merge

T-Mobile, one of the telecoms giants in the US, and Sprint, its greatest rival, have officially announced they agreed on a $26bn deal to begin the merging process. The news comes after months of negotiations between the two companies. The third and fourth largest mobile carriers in America have recently decided to join forces in the attempt to create the “highest-capacity mobile network in US history,” as T ...

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There’s a growing demand for Cannabis 101 courses in universities

Many industries today face the need for people with proper knowledge in a controversial domain – weed. For this reason, the number of universities that provide Cannabis 101 training and courses has increased lately. When it comes to cannabis, many people’s first thought is probably related to events with negative impact. But this is not the case of certain top universities throughout the US. In the past few ...

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Diamonds found in a meteorite suggest it came from another planet

Recent studies have revealed that a meteorite filled with diamonds may be a fragment of a “lost planet”. In 2008, a space rock bearing diamonds entered our atmosphere and crushed the earth surface somewhere in Sudan deserts. Some parts of it were recovered and after numerous studies, scientists have concluded that these space rocks may actually be fragments of another planet that orbited our Sun and that wa ...

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Disneyland’s Pixar Fest is the place to visit this summer

Disneyland Resort has recently opened the greatest celebration fest of all the characters from Pixar Animation Studios. The theme park can be visited until September 3, 2018. Probably one of the greatest news this spring is the announcement of the grand opening of Pixar Fest. The biggest theme park to celebrate the most beloved Pixar characters and lovable stories of one of the world’s renowned Animation St ...

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Testo Ultra Testosterone Pills – Special New Year Offers

The new year comes with special offers released by BioTrim for their top selling product, Testo Ultra – massive discounts online Men can now show off their inner spirit with Testo Ultra, the natural testosterone enhancer pill that has innovated the market of supplements and recorded massive success. Thanks to its efficiency and natural formula, Testo Ultra recorded great success and the manufacturer decided ...

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Iran Iraq Earthquake Results in the Death of More Than 300

Iranians had a rough night after an earthquake struck near the Iraqi border on Sunday, resulting in the death of more than 300 people The epicenter of the quake was close to Ezgeleh, Iran, which is about 135 miles northeast of Baghdad. Moreover, it had a magnitude of 7.3, making it one of the most powerful earthquakes to have taken place in the area. Photographs from the region depict collapsed buildings, d ...

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