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Sony uploads entire movie on YouTube instead of trailer

Sony uploads entire movie on YouTube instead of trailer

‘Khali the Killer’ movie was accidentally uploaded in its entirety on YouTube before being taken down by the US distributor, Sony Pictures. About 11,000 people already saw it.

The video was, indeed, labeled as a trailer for the latest Sony movie, ‘Khali the Killer’, but the one and biggest mistake of those who had the job to upload it on YouTube was that they hadn’t checked its length before making it available on the Internet.

Thus, instead of a two or three-minute video, people got a 90-minute video, which provided viewers with more than just main scenes and highlights from the movie.

The video was available online for about six hours before being wiped, but, obviously, not before news about this mistake had spread throughout the entire Internet. The video clocked more than 11,000 views during this time.

In a matter of minutes only, numerous comments and posts about this ‘epic mistake’, as people described it, appeared on social media networks.

Jon Matthews, the director of ‘Khali the Killer’ movie commented on some of these posts, such as the one above, where he said:

“Hey, I made this movie! Love the tweet!”

He even posted a tweet himself on his official Twitter page:

‘Khali the Killer’ is a low-budget film that tells the story of a hitman based in Los Angeles. The movie was already played at various film festivals and released in some parts of Europe, but it the truth is it didn’t attract much attention.

As a result, some people started arguing on various social media networks about the “accidental” upload, questioning whether or not this was a publicity stunt.

“It takes much longer to upload a feature-length film than a trailer. Presumably, someone would have asked why it’s taking so long,” someone wrote on a Reddit post.

The thing is this is not the only mistake Sony Pictures has made. There was a similar episode in 2014 with ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ movie. The company uploaded a much higher profile movie to the South Korea YouTube account.

At the time of writing this article, Sony hasn’t made any comments about this mistake.

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