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Thai cave rescue: boys soccer team found alive after 10 days

Thai cave rescue: boys soccer team found alive after 10 days

Twelve boys and an adult (a soccer team and their coach) were found alive in a Thai cave after ten days of being trapped. However, in order to get out, they may need to learn to dive.

The group had been missing for about ten days until some professional divers finally found them late on Monday, July 2nd. They were found on a small dry ledge, at about 4 km from the cave mouth and they were visibly weakened. The rescuing team is now battling the rising water levels as they are trying to bring the boys more supplies.

It’s a miracle – they were found alive

Even though everyone was more than relieved when they found out that the boys were found alive, taking them out of that cave is not as simple as many may think. The army says that in order for this to happen, there are two options: either the boys will need to learn to dive or they will have to wait for nearly four months until the flooding recedes.

The rescuers also attempted to install telephone and power lines inside the cave in order to make it easier for the soccer team and the coach to speak with their loved ones outside.

The boys were found by two British divers that had decided to fly over and join the rescuing team. A video showing the first contact between the rescuers and the boys was posted on Facebook a few hours after by Thai Navy SEAL special forces.

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Geplaatst door Thai NavySEAL op Maandag 2 juli 2018

The group responded to the divers that all 13 were alive. They said they were all very hungry and they also asked what day it was and how long they have been there. When they asked the divers whether they can come out now, they were told that they had to wait, but that someone will come back for them shortly after. Then, one boy replied:

“Oh. See you tomorrow.”

Who are the boys and how are they going to get out?

The boys are between 11 and 16 years old and the coach is 25 years old. They all went missing on June 23rd. At this moment, it is believed that the group entered the cave when it was still dry and then, all of a sudden it started to rain heavily, which eventually blocked the exit, thus making it impossible for the group to come out.

Bringing the group back to safety is a challenging and very dangerous task. The Tham Luang cave complex located in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand, where the boys went missing, is usually flooded during the rainy season and the bad news is that this season has just started and will last until September or October.

Even if the children are taught basic diving skills, it will still be extremely dangerous to take them through corridors full of mud and with zero-visibility waters.

The authorities have already tried to pump the levels of water lower but without success. Other teams have already engaged in scouring a larger area of the mountainside searching for another way in to the cave.

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