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The Reason Why Cracking Knuckles Make That Noise

Scholarly papers have been published for more than 50 years on the topic of cracking knuckles in an attempt to find out why the gesture creates that specific sound Back in 2015, Greg Kawchuk of University of Alberta, together with collaborators, used an MRI scanner to record what is actually happening in the finger of a frquent knuckle-cracker. Their discovery has given the most probable explanation for the ...

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Saudi Arabia Intercepts and Destroys 7 Missiles from Yemen

The air force in Saudi Arabia intercepted seven missiles that were fired from Yemen on Sunday Furthermore, in the aftermath of the event, with pieces of the missiles falling from the sky on residential suburbs, one man was killed. Col. Turki Al Maliki, coalition forces spokesman, mentioned that the missiles were fired from Yemen and aimed to hit four target areas. Fortunately, all missiles were intercepted ...

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History Teacher is Fired After Insulting US Military

A Southern California teacher was recorded insulting the U.S. military during class and was immediately fired through a unanimous decision Gregory Salcido had to leave his history teacher position at El Rancho High School after describing the U.S. military and everyone who joins it using harsh words. “His comments do not reflect what we stand for, who we are. The classroom should never be a place where stud ...

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Supercharge Ultra UK – Special Offer Available Online

Trial bottle available for a limited period of time only for Supercharge Ultra Muscle Boost, the product that increases stamina Due to an increase in the demand for Supercharge Ultra, the natural supplement that increases virility and vitality, the manufacturer decided to release a special trial, where men worldowide can try the supplement in return for only a small fee that covers for postage and packaging ...

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Trump Backs Down From Big Changes to Gun Laws

After Florida shooting, President Trump stepped back from the changes he had considered regarding gun laws The President will now support a more modest set of solutions to gun laws, and put major ones on pause after the country’s latest mass shooting that took place in Florida. Trump supports the legislation proposed in Congress that aims to provide more data for the background check system, which is a data ...

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A 127-Million-Year-Old Bird Fossil Helps Us Understand Evolution

A 127-million-year-old fossil of a baby bird has been discovered and is paving the way towards understanding the evolution of birds in the age of dinosaurs The research shows that the bird was part of the enantiornithine family, which contains many specimens that had both teeth and clawed fingers on each wing. Luis Chiappe from the LA Museum of Natural History mentioned that this new discovery will allow re ...

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Kabul: Suicide Bomb Kills Young Girl and Wounds 15 People

This morning, a suicide car bombing in the Afghan capital killed one person and wounded 15 more A spokesman for the Kabul police chief declared that the blast took place in the eastern neighborhood of Qabil Bay, an area that is home to a police station and guest houses. Even more, the government’s customs offices are in the same area. A doctor from Wazir Akbar Khan hospital said that 15 people were wounded ...

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