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Earth’s Deserts Show How Microbes Survive on Mars

Hopes for life on planets such as Mars rise when looking at how micro-organisms survive here on Earth, in the most arid conditions Here, on Earth, micro-organisms can survive even in the most arid conditions, such as in the driest corners of South America’s Atacama Desert, where decades can pass without any rain falling. These rough, dry conditions mean that the salt in the soil is very concentrated, with l ...

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New Blood and Urine Test for Earlier Autism Diagnosis

Both UK and Italian scientists are making progress in developing blood and urine tests for earlier autism diagnosis The tests aim to look for damage in certain proteins that are higher in children with autism disorder. The team from the University of Warwick and the University of Bologna tested around 40 children suffering from autism, aged 5 to 12. They sought differences in samples of both blood and urine ...

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McDonald’s Limited Mozzarella Sticks – Where’s the Cheese?

A McDonald’s restaurant in England decided to bring back one of its clients’ favorite snacks: mozzarella sticks; however, there is one thing missing: the cheese Happy that her favorite snack is back, even if for a limited time only, Catherine Murphy decided to order a three-piece mozzarella sticks item. However, she was extremely disappointed to discover that the limited-edition snack was missing one very i ...

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SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Flies Into Orbit

SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy from the same pad where NASA launched rockets carrying astronauts to the moon “It seems surreal to me,” Mr. Musk said during a news conference just a few moments after the launch. The launch of the Falcon Heavy marks a tremendously important milestone in spaceflight, as it is the first time a rocket this powerful is sent into space by a private company, and not by the govern ...

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Intel Vaunt – Smart Glasses that Look Normal

Intel is currently working on a revolutionary pair of smart glasses especially design to look normal, yet behave futuristic The most important feature of the Vaunt smart glasses is the fact that they don’t look odd, nor futuristic; they look just like any other pair of glasses. However, this specific one features great characteristics. There is no camera to freak people out, no buttons, no gesture area to s ...

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Testo Ultra Buy Online – Natural Dietary Supplement for Men

Testo Ultra can now be purchased at special prices by placing your online order today The new year comes with great news from the manufacturers of Testo Ultra, as high demand has triggered considerable price discounts for online purchasing of the product. Due to limited stocks, the special Testo Ultra offer is valid for a limited period of time, so placing your order today increases your chances of benefiti ...

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Amateur Astronomer Detects Signal from Long-Lost Satellite

On January 30, an amateur astronomer has made contact with a long-lost satellite The satellite: IMAGE (Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration) was first launched in March 2000 and exceeded his two-year mission by operating until 2005. However, NASA lost contact with it in December 2005, ending the mission in an abrupt manner. Now, engineers from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center were surprise ...

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