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McDonald’s Limited Mozzarella Sticks – Where’s the Cheese?

McDonald’s Limited Mozzarella Sticks – Where’s the Cheese?

A McDonald’s restaurant in England decided to bring back one of its clients’ favorite snacks: mozzarella sticks; however, there is one thing missing: the cheese

Happy that her favorite snack is back, even if for a limited time only, Catherine Murphy decided to order a three-piece mozzarella sticks item. However, she was extremely disappointed to discover that the limited-edition snack was missing one very important ingredient – mozzarella.

“I was devastated. I was really looking forward to them because they’re my favourites and it was just hollow bread,” she said.

Even more, she is not the only client disappointed that McDonald’s forgot to include the most important ingredient. Back in 2016, a string of McDonald’s was accused of selling the snack without mozzarella filling, and were taken to task by fans of the snack who used Twitter to show their outrage.

Courtney Wright said, “When you get mozzarella sticks but there is no cheese in them… lunch ruined.”

Francesca Heavens said, “McDonald’s what is this?!? My mozzarella stick had no cheese! How is that even possible?? Where is the cheese.”

Amber said, “Craving mozzarella sticks. Excited that McDonalds has them! Just to get home to have hollow breading.”

The sticks are supposed to be “made with 100% real and melty mozzarella cheese,” according to the McDonald’s website. However, they ended up being just a golden crust with no yummy filling.

Such a mistake can cost a company a lot, given the fact that nowadays it is really easy to make your opinion public to the world thanks to social media. Hopefully, the chain gets its cheese problem solved before the item is taken off the menu. The mozzarella sticks are available for a limited time only, at participating stores in England until March 20.


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