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Apple Mistakenly Spills Details on New iPhone X

Brazilian site iHelpBR has discovered that Apple mistakenly leaked important details of the upcoming iPhone X While Samsung seems to be spilling details of its upcoming Galaxy Note 9 on purpose, Apple does not seem to be far behind. The company has already spilled major iPhone upgrades in a recent beta of the iOS 12, but this time it repeated the error and exposed far more valuable information. As discovere ...

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You’ll get pics of Donald Trump if you google “idiot”

Due to Trump’s latest actions and statements, people decided to troll him and propelled him in top image search results on Google for the word “idiot” Donald Trump has topped the search results pages on Google since the beginning of his presidency. But now, things have gone even further, as he tops an image search page, not for his name, as you might have thought, but for a less pleasing word – “idiot”. Try ...

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Quadrillion Tons of Diamonds Have Been Found beneath Earth’s Surface

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology used seismic technology and discovered quadrillion tons of diamonds MASSACHUSETTS: A new study led by MIT discovered that there are quadrillion tons of diamonds beneath Earth’s surface. That’s roughly 1,000,000,000,000,000 diamonds, or one thousand times more than one trillion. However, they are far from being easily extracted as they are located 90 t ...

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GuardTech Alarm in South Africa: new stock at special prices

People in South Africa interested in purchasing a personal alarm should know that GuardTech Alarm has recently refilled their stock. Also, there are some special offers available online only. According to the authorities, the number of people who have been attacked or assaulted on the streets has significantly increased in the past few years. Everyone knows a friend or a relative who was at least once in a ...

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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to enter New York, competing against Starbucks

The independent coffee retailer announced on Tuesday that they plan to open 100 franchise locations in New York City over the next decade, thus betting on the “Starbucks fatigue” and entering the coffee wars in the city. There are about 1,200 shops opened in numerous countries all over the world. But even so, the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is planning to go further and to enter the New York City’s coffee wa ...

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Essential CBD Extract: Special Online Prices for Australia Residents

Essential CBD Extract’s massive success on the market led to the release of special packages and prices available online for Australia residents Massive demand and media coverage has encouraged Essential CBD Extract’s manufacturers to introduce special packages and discounts on their website for Australia residents. However, due to the limited stock, the offers are not going to last for too long. The Essent ...

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The voice behind the “Yanny or Laurel” clip reveals the truth

The “Yanny or Laurel” clip divided the entire planet. The voice behind the clip is now stepping out, clearing once and for all what he actually said. You’d better be prepared for this. What did you hear? Was it Yanny or Laurel? This clip divided people and started tensed discussions on whether the person behind the clip was saying one word or the other. There were also some people claiming that they hear bo ...

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