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Intel Vaunt – Smart Glasses that Look Normal

Intel Vaunt – Smart Glasses that Look Normal

Intel is currently working on a revolutionary pair of smart glasses especially design to look normal, yet behave futuristic

The most important feature of the Vaunt smart glasses is the fact that they don’t look odd, nor futuristic; they look just like any other pair of glasses.

However, this specific one features great characteristics. There is no camera to freak people out, no buttons, no gesture area to swipe, no LCD screen, no microphone and speaker, and no arm floating in front of the lens.

From the outside, they look just like eyeglasses. However, when you are wearing them, you see a stream of information that looks like a screen, but it’s actually projected onto your retina.

Vaunt is simply a system for displaying information in your peripheral vision. It can show you simple messages such as notifications and directions. Moreover, it works over Bluetooth with both Android and iPhone just like a smartwatch does, taking commands from an app that runs in the background.

Even more, because the information is directly projected onto your retina, the image is always in focus. Even more, it means that the display works just as well on prescription glasses.

It also features an app processor and other sensors and includes an accelerometer and a compass so that it can detect basic head gestures and know where you’re looking at.


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