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Facebook Turns Over Russian Ads Info to Mueller

Facebook Turns Over Russian Ads Info to Mueller

Facebook has lended its ads data bought by a Russian company during the 2016 election to special counsel Robert Mueller – Reuters reported

The company decided to give Mueller’s team copies of the ads along with the identities of the ads’ buyers. This decision comes after Facebook revealed earlier this week that thousands of ads that were posted on the site over the past two years were linked to fake Facebook accounts based outside the territory of Russia.

Alex Stamos, Facebook’s chief security officer, said that almost 500 accounts had spent around $100,000 on somewhere around 3,000 ads. However, he mentioned that the accounts had since been suspended, which means that they can no longer do any sort of activity on the famous social network platform.

At the same time, Facebook informed congressional investigators several times about the ads.

It is no surprise that such things happen, as social media is not easy to secure. Facebook is not facing this problem for the first time. Many people create fake accounts and do actions that are not allowed by Facebook in order to grow their businesses, some of which may even be illegal.

Facebook has done everything in its power so far to combat these unpleasant situations, and asked its users to report everything that they find suspicious. As soon as the Facebook team receives complaints, they start analyzing and solving the problem. This process has helped in many situations in which users had problems.


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