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Golden Globes: Women Steal the Spotlight

Golden Globes: Women Steal the Spotlight

This year, the Golgen Globes deliver a powerful message regarding women, addressing topics such as sexual harassment and gender inequity

The hosts insisted that there was still a celebratory atmosphere, despite the sobering issues that made the atmosphere seem heavier than usual. It was also highlighted that it is an awkward challenge totalk about such topics withing an award-show format.

The telecast struggled to keep a proper balance, delivering a statement from its female winners while also experiencing lapses in pacing, entertainment and the lighter moments.

In his opening monologue, Seth Meyers, the host of the ceremony, succeeded in setting just the right tone; it spent more time on harassment than on national politics, even though President Trump was not left out of the discussion.

Speeches such as Oprah Winfre’s stirring and emotional showstopper disrupted the logistical flow of the show.

Although The Globes are known as a loose and unpredictable affair, this year’s winners and speeches seemed to have been scripted.

Meyers made an important point and directly addressed the frequent charge of Hollywood elitism, saying that the majority of people who work on movies and TV sets are not the high-paid stars and producers.


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