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Gorilla Glass Brings Translucent Phones One Step Closer

Gorilla Glass Brings Translucent Phones One Step Closer

Corning’s newest series of Gorilla Glass is bringing us one step closer to translucent phones

CALIFORNIA: Besides the usual scratch and impact resistance upgrades, the next generation of display tech that is currently used by Apple and Samsung will also be engineered to look and feel nothing close to actual glass.

During a press event in California on Wednesday (18th July), the company displayed the new designs that add textures to the glass. They call it “Vibrant” Gorilla Glass and it was first introduced in 2016, promising that phone manufacturers will be able to print high resolution images directly onto it.

However, the latest prototypes take everything to the next level, as the technique mixes the printed images with etched glass that aims to mimic the feel of several textures such as wood, polished marble and even snakeskin.

“The picture is on the back, the texture is on the front, you combine the two and you’ve suddenly changed the way the industrial designers think about. What’s my phone going to look like?” said Corning’s innovation director for Gorilla Glass

People present at the event were shocked to see how much the sample designs felt like actual textures they resembled.

At the same time, the company has also experimented with a translucent glass, just in case manufacturers want to showcase the guts of the phone. Also, there are reflective and gradients available.

All in all, it makes people wonder whether they would need to bother purchasing a case for their phones or not, but that would be at their own risk.


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