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Mexico Earthquake Raises the Death Toll to Over 200

Mexico Earthquake Raises the Death Toll to Over 200

Powerful earthquake hit Mexico City on Tuesday afternoon, leading to the death of 21 children in a school and many others around the city

The earthquake came only two weeks after another one that centered off Mexico’s southern coast. Moreover, it happened on the 32nd anniversary of a devastating 1985 quake that killed 10,000 people and put 400 buildings to the ground.

Unfortunately, the death toll from Tuesday’s quake skyrocketed to 216, according to government officials. Searchers worked hard to find survivors in the ruins collapsed buildings.

Luis Felipe Puente, the country’s civil protection coordinator, announced the new death toll via Twitter. Moreover, he said that more than half the dead were found in Mexico City and nearby Morelos State.

Enrique Pena Nieto, Mexico’s president, mentioned in a statement on Tuesday night that emergency workers were being sent to affected areas so that “throughout the night we can continue aiding the population and eventually find people beneath the rubble.”

“The priority at this moment is to keep rescuing people who are still trapped and to give medical attention to the injured people,” he added

In addition to the destruction from the quake, the country was also struggling with power failures that affected millions of people. Mr. Pena Nieto said that the authorities were making efforts to restore electricity to 40% of the residents in Mexico City and 60% in Morelos.



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