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Authorities Found Body of Small Child While Searching For Missing 3-Year-Old

The authorities in Texas were shocked to find the body of a child while looking for the missing 3-year-old girl who has been missing for more than two weeks The girl, Sherin Mathews of Richardson, Texas, was reported missing on October 7. She was last seen in the backyard of her home early in the morning by her adoptive father, Wesley Mathews. On Sunday morning, around 11 a.m. the body was found according t ...

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Tear Gas Used on Crowds Following Donald Trump Rally

Tear gas was used to disperse crowds outside the Phoenix Convention Center as tempers flared around Trump's speech at a campaign-style rally Authorities used tear gas to calm down the spirits and disperse the crowds who gathered outside the Phoenix Convention Center. President Trump's divisive speech at a campaign rally led to tempers flaring around it. People ran off, streamed into the surrounding streets, ...

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