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The voice behind the “Yanny or Laurel” clip reveals the truth

The voice behind the “Yanny or Laurel” clip reveals the truth

The “Yanny or Laurel” clip divided the entire planet. The voice behind the clip is now stepping out, clearing once and for all what he actually said. You’d better be prepared for this.

What did you hear? Was it Yanny or Laurel?

This clip divided people and started tensed discussions on whether the person behind the clip was saying one word or the other. There were also some people claiming that they hear both words overlapping each other.

The reason why this difference appeared in the first place was not established. Some specialists claim that the device on which you listen to the recording may cause certain distortions due to the bass on the device’s speakers. Also, it appears that the sound is distorted the moment you lower or raise the volume, causing you to hear one word or the other, depending on the action you take.

Other specialists claim that this is a “perceptually ambiguous stimulus”, which means that when you listen to the recording, your brain can’t decide on one of the two words. Additionally, one of the most influential factors, in this case, is the age of the listener.

The thing is that this debate generated so many contradictory discussions and for this reason, one researcher decided to conduct a survey in order to determine the exact cause of this difference. Pascal Wallisch, a researcher at New York University is the one that will conduct the survey.

Several days after this new “blue and dark vs white and gold dress” debate, the actual person behind the recording decided to step out and make a statement.

In 2007, the website Vocabulary dot com was only a few steps away from being launched on the Internet. One of the things that still needed to be set up, one of them was related to the recording of certain words. For this, Vocabulary dot com asked Jay Aubrey Jones, a 64-year old actor and singer to say certain words into a microphone. One of these words was “Laurel”.

“I recorded my batch of words and I thought that was that,” said Jones in a statement he gave to Time.

So, there you have it – the original work spoken in that recording was “Laurel”, which most probably made the “Yanny” people go crazy.

When he was asked to listen to the recording, Jones claimed he mostly hears “Laurel”, but he also heard “a slight trace of ‘Yanny’.” He also added that this debate made him laugh because people were so preoccupied about this recording considering “all the things that are going on in the world right now.”

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