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Speeding Car Injures Pedestrians Outside U.K. Parliament

A car crashed into a security barrier and injured several pedestrians outside the House of Parliament in London LONDON – On Tuesday, a car that was speeding struck several pedestrians and eventually crashed into a security barrier outside the House of Parliament in London. The police detained the male driver. Video footage shows somewhere close to a dozen armed police officers heading towards a silver Ford ...

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“Hydrogen Wall” at the Edge of our Solar System Might be Reachable

NASA discovered what seems to be a hydrogen wall at the edge of our solar system and said it might be reachable NASA scientists believe that their New Horizons spacecraft can actually see the glowing hydrogen wall that seems to be located at the edge of our system. The wall is the outer boundary of our system and it is the place where the sun’s bubble of solar wind ends. Moreover, it’s where a mass of inter ...

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Apple Encounters Embarrassing Issues with the New MacBook Pro

A series of embarrassing mistakes in Cupertino are leading many people to question Apple’s eye for details Users are now reporting a new problem with Apple’s new MacBook pro and it has to do with the speakers. Numerous users have been discussing over the subject on Reddit and Youtube, where they demonstrated the problem. It seems that both the 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro’s have s ...

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First Set of US Economic Sanctions against Iran Take Effect

On Tuesday the first set of economic sanctions against Iran took effect following an executive order Donald Trump signed an executive order on Monday that aims to restore the sanctions that were lifted during the Obama administration. Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian President said that "If someone has knife in the hand and seeks talks, he should first put the knife in his pocket." He also added that he has no p ...

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Apple Mistakenly Spills Details on New iPhone X

Brazilian site iHelpBR has discovered that Apple mistakenly leaked important details of the upcoming iPhone X While Samsung seems to be spilling details of its upcoming Galaxy Note 9 on purpose, Apple does not seem to be far behind. The company has already spilled major iPhone upgrades in a recent beta of the iOS 12, but this time it repeated the error and exposed far more valuable information. As discovere ...

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Aeromexico plane crashes but all passengers survived

A plane crashed in Mexico right after takeoff. At least 90 people are injured, but fortunately, all passengers on board survived. An Aeromexico plane that was carrying 103 people crashed on Tuesday, July 31st, in northern Mexico after a strong wind gust brought it down. Dozens of people on board were injured but fortunately, there were no fatalities, according to Durango state officials. “The control tower ...

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US officials: North Korea is developing new missiles

According to some US spy agencies, it appears that North Korea is working on new ballistic missiles, despite what was being discussed at the Singapore summit. Some unnamed US officials said in an interview to the Washington Post that spy satellites had noticed that a site located in North Korea didn’t cease its activity on producing ballistic missiles. One of the officials claims that they don’t know yet ho ...

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