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Apple Encounters Embarrassing Issues with the New MacBook Pro

A series of embarrassing mistakes in Cupertino are leading many people to question Apple’s eye for details Users are now reporting a new problem with Apple’s new MacBook pro and it has to do with the speakers. Numerous users have been discussing over the subject on Reddit and Youtube, where they demonstrated the problem. It seems that both the 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro’s have s ...

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First Set of US Economic Sanctions against Iran Take Effect

On Tuesday the first set of economic sanctions against Iran took effect following an executive order Donald Trump signed an executive order on Monday that aims to restore the sanctions that were lifted during the Obama administration. Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian President said that "If someone has knife in the hand and seeks talks, he should first put the knife in his pocket." He also added that he has no p ...

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A 14,400-year-old bread was found in Jordan

Scientists have discovered the remains of a bread that was baked 14,400 years ago in Jordan at a prehistoric site. The remains of the world’s oldest bread were excavated in the Black Desert, located in northeastern Jordan. But this discovery did not come in one single piece, as scientists have found no less than 24 bread-like stone structures at two different fireplaces. Everything happened in a Natufian hu ...

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Strawless Starbucks: no more plastic straws by 2020

The giant coffee company announced on Monday, July 9th, that they will eliminate all single-use plastic straws from their stores by 2020. According to the company’s officials, this change will help Starbucks eliminate about 1 billion plastic straws used on a yearly basis. Plastic straws, along with other plastic-material things, contribute to ocean pollution and they are threatening the marine life. As a re ...

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CBD Extract supplements in Australia at advantageous prices

Essential CBD Extract supplements are now available at some special discounts for all Australia residents. The offers are here for a limited period, though. Supplements for chronic pain are in high demand these days, due to the high number of people experiencing intense pain on a daily basis. The main reason why this happens to them is related to the stress they are exposed to every day, not only mentally, ...

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Meanwhile in Canada: Cloudy with a chance of… poop!

It appears it is raining poop in Canada. This strange phenomenon has been happening for over a month now and the officials did not offer any solid explanations yet. Everything started on May 9th in British Columbia. A woman was in the car with her son and was stopped at a red light. At some point, it started raining, but it was no regular rain. When the two looked up through the car’s open sunroof, they wer ...

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CBD Extract Packages at Special Prices for Australia Residents

Essential CBD Extract has listened to the needs of Australia residents and has recently refilled their stock. The company’s latest organic supplements are available at a special price, but only for a limited period. When it comes to supplements for chronic pain, the competition in the market is very high. There are numerous products available for purchase and prices vary from one company to another. However ...

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