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GuardTech Alarm in South Africa: new stock at special prices

GuardTech Alarm in South Africa: new stock at special prices

People in South Africa interested in purchasing a personal alarm should know that GuardTech Alarm has recently refilled their stock. Also, there are some special offers available online only.

According to the authorities, the number of people who have been attacked or assaulted on the streets has significantly increased in the past few years. Everyone knows a friend or a relative who was at least once in a similar situation. Unfortunately, falling victim to an attacker or burglar in the middle of the street is not something new and it is essential to be prepared for when events like this occur. The most common thing people do is to purchase pepper sprays or mace, but one big disadvantage to these tools is that they can only be used when the attacker is already too close to the victim. Personal alarms, on the other hand, proved to be more efficient and one good example is the one promoted by GuardTech Alarm. Due to the high demand on the market, they have recently refilled their stock, not to mention about their special offers.
GuardTech Alarm is a personal alarm designed as a keychain that can be easily attached to your keys, for instance, and that can keep attackers at a distance.

You can visit the official GuardTech Alarm website for more details about the product.

Main features of GuardTech Alarm

One of the main characteristics of GuardTech alarm is that, compared to other self-defense tools that are usually silent, this one is designed to make a lot of noise. When it is activated, the alarm emits a strident panic sound, which can reach up to 130 dB. The moment a potential attacker hears the alarm, chances for them to give up on their intention of getting closer to you anymore significantly increase.

Additionally, the device is lightweight, as it only weighs several grams, which means it won’t make your bag any heavier. It does not require any special skills to learn how to use it and it can be used by people of all ages, from children to elderly people. By simply pulling the pin and then plugging it back you activate and deactivate the alarm.

GuardTech Alarm: special offers

Due to the high demand from South Africa residents interested in purchasing self-defense personal alarms, GuardTech has made great efforts into refilling their stock to satisfy their clients. To make things even better, they also came with some special offers designed to fit within people’s budgets.

There are several packages available from which you can select the one that best matches your needs:

  • Buy 1, get 1 FREE – for which you have to pay R475 (50% discount)
  • The Popular Deal: Buy 2, get 3 FREE – for the price of R950
  • The Best Deal: Buy 3, get 7 FREE – for the price of R1,425
  • The Community Deal: Buy 5, get 15 FREE – for the price of R2,375

Every once in a while, people have the possibility to participate in a free spin-and-win wheel, where they can obtain some extra coupons (between 10 and 20% off the special price) that are only available for 5 minutes.

**The alarm is not designed to call the police on your behalf when unfortunate situations occur. Moreover, the intensity of the sound may vary, depending on external factors, such as noise and surrounding buildings. For maximum security and best results, it is recommended you carry the alarm with you all the time and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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