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Meet the New Siri With iPhone 8

Meet the New Siri With iPhone 8

Siri will be getting a promotion soon thanks to the combination of iOS 11 and the “D22” iPhone

Along with a new iPhone, there comes a new improved Siri. Siri will now be able to sync across devices, which means that it will let details that it has picked up from your phone affect how it responds on the other devices that you may own.

More than that, the service also suffered a slight refocus; Siri is no longer only a voice assistant. She will now be able to suggest topics in Apple News based on the user’s web browsing. Moreover, it will also suggest a calendar event if you make a booking online. In simple words, Siri will be a very good friend of users.

A long expected feature will also be introduced, as Siri will now be able to do translations for the first time, from English (only) to five languages that include French and Chinese. You will no longer need to access an app on your home screen to translate your thoughts.

However, those who have heard the rumors of the iPhone 8 not having a home button already noticed a problem: how will users activate Siri without the home button? In this matter, developer Guilherme Rambo suggests one possibility: using the power button to invoke Siri. More than that, he thought about giving the power button another feature, too: using it to control the camera.

However, these rumors and thoughts only make you think: Will you end up having to carry a manual with you just to remember how to lock your phone? A button with so many features can become tricky and rather annoying to users who appreciate the iPhone for its simplicity. Will this change?

All these questions will receive an answer next week, at the company’s launch event.


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