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New Technology Will Enable Faster Ordering at McDonald’s

New Technology Will Enable Faster Ordering at McDonald’s

The traditional fast-food cashier will be gradually replaced by self-order kiosks

As lots of customers don’t have much time available for lunch, the company considered a valuable alternative in order to serve its clients faster and more efficient.

The McDonald’s company management added self-order kiosks in some of its selected locations in the United States, so the people choosing their services save more time and the restaurants have a better operational flow.

“It’s superbly faster, it’s almost 50-percent as fast,” as the kiosks replacing the traditional cashiers are considered to be the futuristic alternative considerably boosting fast food services.

Additionally, in some of McDonald’s restaurants, clients can also place their in-advance order directly via the McDonald’s app and pick it up or serve it at the location.

As a part of the company’s strategic development plan, McDonald’s aims to install the kiosks in all 14.000 restaurants in the U.S.A. by the end of 2020.

Ordering kiosks and mobile food-ordering apps are currently the trend of the market, as lots of fast food companies are beginning to chose this solution in order to optimize their services.

Selected CaliBurger locations, for instance, will soon benefit the services of Flippy, the burger flipping AI robot that prepares the delicious dishes of the restaurants.

It is estimated that in a few years, food ordering kiosks will be as popular as ATMs. As experts agree, this type of technology will be adopted by more and more food industry companies in the future, triggering a job crisis in the client service sector, due to the fact that robots will probably replace as many as 50 per cent of human workers.

Nevertheless, the management of McDonald’s declared that all employees will keep their jobs, as they will be moved to perform other tasks that cannot be covered by robots.

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