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Pokemon Go Adds Generation 3 Creatures Soon

Pokemon Go Adds Generation 3 Creatures Soon

Rumor has it that Pokemon Go will be adding some Generation 3 creatures soon

A recent update has suggested that the mobile game might be enlarging its collection of creatures with the Generation 3 monsters in an upcoming Halloween event.

The most recently released picture shows some Ghost-type Generation 3 Pokemon in an eerie setting, which has suggested that they will be added in the event. Even though nothing has yet been officially confirmed by Niantic, nor by the Pokemon Company, the latter has stated and event is coming with “plenty of good stuff” attached.

Besides the image, datamine uncovered sounds for all species up to #386, a new Generation 3 badge, Halloween music, and other files that are specific to the Halloween event.

In the image, we can see Pokemons such as Duskull, Dusclops, Skuppet, Banette, and Sableye. All of them are Ghost-type, which makes it natural for them to be introduced at Halloween. On the other hand, it remains a mistery whether more Generation 3 Pokemon will be added at the same time, as Gen 2 were added in stages, while a few of them still haven’t made their way into the game.

Another interesting fact about the released picture is that it seems to depict a trainer wearing a Mimikyu hat (Mimikyu being a Gen 7 Pokemon), which makes it the first time when Pokemon Go includes content from a generation that is currently unavailable in-game.

Even though Halloween is not here yet, there is another event going on at the moment. The best AR photos taken in-game have the chance of winning some great prizes.



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