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The AI-Powered Google News App for iOS is Here and it Looks Great

The AI-Powered Google News App for iOS is Here and it Looks Great

Google kept its promise – if last week it said that the artificial intelligence-powered Google News will be arriving in the following week, today we can try it out ourselves

The new AI-powered app replaced the old Google Play Newsstand app and it looks great. The app is similar to the one you can find on Android, and centers around using machine learning to comb through breaking news stories and present them in easy-to-read formats such as chronological timelines, local stories and more.

The app is organized in four sections:

1. For you – a custom list of the top five stories that Google thinks the user will want to read
2. Headlines – a mix of the most recent news from sections such as US, World, Business and Technology; users can also use this specific section to get access to Google’s Full Coverage feature that aims to break down more complex stories into a series of articles from different sources, alongside social media posts
3. Favorites – this is where users can find starring topics across entertainment and academia; it is great for selecting preferred news sources and saving stories for reading later
4. Newsstand – it is the new addition that lets users subscribe to news organizations that offer a monthly subscription for web/print access, or charge a monthly fee; when selecting an individual media organization, a new splashy page will open and display the source’s stories into site-specific coverage areas

All the pages load in quick and clean fashion, making it tremendously easy to use; it is a great upgrade that allows users to stay connected to the world in a clean, accessible way.

Further updates are believed to be implemented to make the experience even better.


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