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ISIS Leader Breaks Silence Through Audio Recording

The leader of both the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, previously thought to be dead, seems to have broken the silence after 11 months through the use of an audio recording In the recording, the leader mocks the United States, calls on jihadis to rally against the Syrian regime and insists that ISIS stays, even though it lost territory. US Office of the Director of National Intelligen ...

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First Successful DNA Editing Intervention Just Happened in China

A Chinese team succeeded in performing the first DNA editing exercise on a human embryo A team of scientists at the Sun Yat-sen University corrected a single error in the 3 billion “letters” of our genetic code to cure beta-thalassemia. A member of the team, Junjiu Huang, claims that they are the first to demonstrate the feasibility of curing genetic disease in human embryos by editing the base. However, th ...

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Twitter to Try Doubling the Character Count for Tweets

After some rough recent years, Twitter decided to make the service more accessible by doubling the character count Twitter has had a bad period in the recent years. Both monthly user and revenue growth have struggled and eventually turned into declines. As a result, stocks are down more than 60% over the past five years. Some of the investors put the blame on the slow execution, and also on failing to build ...

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Patient in Vegetative State Responds to Therapy

In France, a man has regained a degree of consciousness after being in a vegetative state for 15 years A man injured in a car accident was treated by doctors with an experimental therapy that involved implanting a nerve stimulator into his chest. In a month from the implant, he could respond to simple instructions, turn his head and follow an object with his eyes. As a consequence, experts say that the resu ...

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Church Shooting Suspect in Tennessee Charged With Murder

The chaotic scene of two masked armed men shooting people, killing one of them, took place in a Tennessee church Burnette Chapel Church of Christ member Minerva Rosa mentioned that the members were discussing about the success of their yard sale the previous day when they started hearing gunshots from outside. David Spann, aged 60, is the pastor of the church and shouted: "Run, run, gunshots!" as congregant ...

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Turkish President’s Speech Results in Violence in New York

Protestors disrupted the speech of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey at a New York hotel on Thursday Right in the middle of the president’s speech, a man who was part of a group of protestors screamed: “You’re a terrorist. Get out of my country!” The ballroom at the Marriott Marquis hotel in Times Square instantly caught fire, with attendees chanting Mr. Erdogan’s name to drown out the protesters. Vi ...

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North Korea Compares Trump’s UN Speech With a “Dog Barking”

North Korea’s foreign minister responded to Donald Trump’s threat to destroy them by comparing his speech with “the sound of a dog barking” Ri Yong Ho is currently in the US for the United Nations General Assembly. He declared that he “felt sorry” for Trump’s advisers soon after he held his speech on Tuesday. "If he was thinking he could scare us with the sound of a dog barking, that's really a dog dream," ...

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