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GuardTech Alarm in South Africa: new stock at special prices

People in South Africa interested in purchasing a personal alarm should know that GuardTech Alarm has recently refilled their stock. Also, there are some special offers available online only. According to the authorities, the number of people who have been attacked or assaulted on the streets has significantly increased in the past few years. Everyone knows a friend or a relative who was at least once in a ...

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Forensics may help wildlife officials save Pangolins

Pangolins are the world’s most trafficked animal and wildlife officials found an ingenious way to help these poor creatures survive by using forensics. It appears that crime scene investigations are more useful than you may have thought they are. Experts in wildlife interested in protecting endangered species will start implementing one of the forensic techniques that officers use in crime scenes in order t ...

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South Africa: Special discounts online for the TIVISI HD Antenna

TIVISI has recently refilled its stocks on digital TV antennas and these products are now available online at special discounts for all residents in South Africa. One of the most common things people like to do once they’ve gotten home after a long day at work is to sit on their couch in the living room and watch the TV for a couple of hours before going to bed. These devices have become indispensable and t ...

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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to enter New York, competing against Starbucks

The independent coffee retailer announced on Tuesday that they plan to open 100 franchise locations in New York City over the next decade, thus betting on the “Starbucks fatigue” and entering the coffee wars in the city. There are about 1,200 shops opened in numerous countries all over the world. But even so, the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is planning to go further and to enter the New York City’s coffee wa ...

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Video: Police Dog Performs CPR on Officer

Poncho, a police dog from Spain performed CPR on a police officer as he pretended to collapse to see the dog’s reaction Worldwide, dogs are considered to be man’s best friend, and for good reasons. Not only that, but they are potentially lifesavers, too. A good example is Poncho, the dog who went viral on social media platforms as he performed CPR on a collapsed officer. The Municipal Police of Madrid decid ...

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California Camping Trip Ends with Father Shot Dead in Front of Daughters

Scientist Tristan Beaudette, 35, was shot to death in front of his two daughters while on a camping trip in Southern California The two young daughters, aged 2 and 4, had to witness in complete terror as their father was shot to death during their recreational trip in Southern California. When deputies found him in a tent at the Malibu Creek State Park Campsite, the girls were unharmed while their father wa ...

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Google Announces Changes in the Name of Moderation

Google and Apple both made their fortunes and gained global dominance by gluing us to our phones, yet now they plan to reverse that Back in May, Google said that it plans to give its entire suite of products a makeover to help people leave aside their phones for a little longer. “Great technology should improve life, not distract from it,” Google said in its announcement The new Android P software will intr ...

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