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US officials: North Korea is developing new missiles

According to some US spy agencies, it appears that North Korea is working on new ballistic missiles, despite what was being discussed at the Singapore summit. Some unnamed US officials said in an interview to the Washington Post that spy satellites had noticed that a site located in North Korea didn’t cease its activity on producing ballistic missiles. One of the officials claims that they don’t know yet ho ...

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What Will We Eat on Mars After We Colonize It?

The biggest question in order now that we are preparing to colonize the planet is what are we going to eat on the Red Planet? At the moment, preparations are on the table for missions that will send humans to Mars in about a decade. However, what would people eat once they get there? Once humanity puts foot on Mars for good, the biggest challenge will be generating a steady food supply. The costs of resuppl ...

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You’ll get pics of Donald Trump if you google “idiot”

Due to Trump’s latest actions and statements, people decided to troll him and propelled him in top image search results on Google for the word “idiot” Donald Trump has topped the search results pages on Google since the beginning of his presidency. But now, things have gone even further, as he tops an image search page, not for his name, as you might have thought, but for a less pleasing word – “idiot”. Try ...

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Gorilla Glass Brings Translucent Phones One Step Closer

Corning’s newest series of Gorilla Glass is bringing us one step closer to translucent phones CALIFORNIA: Besides the usual scratch and impact resistance upgrades, the next generation of display tech that is currently used by Apple and Samsung will also be engineered to look and feel nothing close to actual glass. During a press event in California on Wednesday (18th July), the company displayed the new des ...

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Quadrillion Tons of Diamonds Have Been Found beneath Earth’s Surface

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology used seismic technology and discovered quadrillion tons of diamonds MASSACHUSETTS: A new study led by MIT discovered that there are quadrillion tons of diamonds beneath Earth’s surface. That’s roughly 1,000,000,000,000,000 diamonds, or one thousand times more than one trillion. However, they are far from being easily extracted as they are located 90 t ...

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A new all-natural supplement has been launched in Canada: ProDiet Plus

People in Canada can benefit from FREE TRIALS of the latest organic supplement launched – ProDiet Plus, designed for everyone interested in losing weight healthily and naturally. A new product has just entered the world’s market and aims to help people attain the desired physical aspect and maintain it in the long term – the ProDiet+ supplement. The manufacturer offers 250 trials per day of this all-natural ...

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A 14,400-year-old bread was found in Jordan

Scientists have discovered the remains of a bread that was baked 14,400 years ago in Jordan at a prehistoric site. The remains of the world’s oldest bread were excavated in the Black Desert, located in northeastern Jordan. But this discovery did not come in one single piece, as scientists have found no less than 24 bread-like stone structures at two different fireplaces. Everything happened in a Natufian hu ...

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