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Apple Mistakenly Spills Details on New iPhone X

Apple Mistakenly Spills Details on New iPhone X

Brazilian site iHelpBR has discovered that Apple mistakenly leaked important details of the upcoming iPhone X

While Samsung seems to be spilling details of its upcoming Galaxy Note 9 on purpose, Apple does not seem to be far behind. The company has already spilled major iPhone upgrades in a recent beta of the iOS 12, but this time it repeated the error and exposed far more valuable information.

As discovered by iHelpBR, iOS 12 beta 5 hides pieces of code that will allow the iPhone X to operate more similar to an iPad, a discovery that comes with significant implications.

iHelpBR discovered the leaks through a simple hack. It made Apple’s Xcode iOS Simulator run iOS 12 beta 5 at higher resolution, therefore unlocking secret landscape modes and new interfaces for numerous iPhone apps.

Until now, Apple has played a lot with this idea and used landscape modes for apps such as Contact and Calendar on iPhone ‘Plus’ models. However, this was not provided to the 5.8-inch iPhone X. With this being said, it seems that iPhone X Plus reclaims the position of a more productivity-focused device.

There’s one more interesting fact: Apple’s iPhone 9 (the budget-friendly 6.1 inch iPhone X) does not benefit from this landscape functionality either. This decision makes us believe that the feature is only available for the iPhone X Plus (as well as the dual sim exclusivity) in order to upsell clients to the bigger and more expensive device.

However, there’s good news: Apple will slash the prices this year, making the iPhone X Plus more tempting than you might expect.


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