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Google Pixel 2 Takes Top Spot From iPhone 8 Plus

Google Pixel 2 Takes Top Spot From iPhone 8 Plus

The newly released Google Pixel 2 has become the top-performing smartphone camera in DxO Lab’s mobile photography tests

A day after Samsung’s latest device matched Apple’s iPhone 8 score of 94, Google’s Pixel 2 has beaten both dual-lens devices with a score of 98.

“Its top scores in most of our traditional photo and video categories put it ahead of our previous (tied) leaders, the Apple iPhone 8 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, despite the Pixel 2 coming in lower in the new Zoom and Bokeh categories. The Pixel 2 is also a major step forward from the Pixel (which was our top scorer when it was released a year ago), moving from 90 to 98.”

The reviewers spoke great words of the Pixel 2 for excellent video performance, scene reproduction, color rendering and fast and accurate autofocus. They especially highlighted its amazing ability to render detail in both bright and dark environments.

However, one weak spot of the Pixel 2 is said to be exposure in very low light images, which show increased noise in high dynamic range scenes.

Even though it performed well taking into account that it is a single camera phone, the Pixel 2 could not outscore the zoom capability of Apple iPhone 8 Plus.

The reviewers concluded that the Pixel 2 recommends itself as the phone camera with the best image quality, excepting the zoom and bokeh. Moreover, it is especially recommended for videographers.

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