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Amazon Aims to Develop In-Home Delivery

Amazon Aims to Develop In-Home Delivery

The company is considering developing a system that would allow couriers to enter your home when you are not there

For those who don’t want their packages left sitting on the porch, risking to be stolen, Amazon hopes to be allowed inside people’s homes when they are not there.

On Wednesday, the company said that it will launch a service named Amazon Key next month that will will let people allow the door to be unlocked by the courier when they are not at home so that the package can be left inside.

As expected, the proposal drew plenty of reactions all over the internet, both humorous and concerned. While people worry that the delivery employees might be mistaken for intruders by neighbors or actually steal something from their home, Amazon stated that their drivers would be well-vetted. At the same time, an expert said that the company has already build up trust with younger customers who were more likely to give the idea a try.

The in-home delivery idea also touches the line with Amazon’s strategy for trying to make shopping with it so convenient that clients won’t think about ordering from some place else. Also, with the option requiring a specific camera that they sell, the move helps Amazon tie customers even closer to its gadgets and the items it delivers.

To be able to use the Amazon key program and have the goods delivered inside the house, customers must be Amazon Prime members and buy a camera and Wi-Fi connected lock from Amazon that starts at $250. After that, shoppers will be able to choose in-home delivery as an option in the app.



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